Exploring Creative Self-Expression Through Mindful Collage

Funk wouldn't be much without someone to share it with. Community is crucial to living a funky life and the community space can be a powerful arena for change. Secure group atmospheres can also be a healing tool for vulnerability and acceptance of ourselves and others. A a community artist, it is my task to uplift diverse groups of people and inspire them in their own artmaking, to help them share their experiences interpersonally. The most determinantal state for an individual is to be alone in the jungle without a tribe, and finding an empowering, empathetic, and understanding tribe to belong is a difficult task for any funkedelic. 

To aid this quest, I have constructed community art workshops applicable for many settings and populations, including adults, children, schools, mental health centers, and community spaces for all ages. The goal with each workshop is to encourage deeper connections in our own lives and with those around us, including meeting new people and discovering new ideas and artforms. 

Mindful Collage Workshop
Sharing Collages

Mindfulness Collage in the Classroom