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What Does Funk Mean?

Funk God's purpose is clear...To spread the gospel of funk! But what is funk? Funk is

a rhythm, an offbeat syncopation. To be funky means to exist on a unique groove; 

to view the world through a distinct perspective, and to enjoy all the universe has to offer... if one can manage all that funkiness!

Funk is a philosophy existing for the purpose of ordering chaos and journeying towards transcendent growth and harmony, often through creativity, self-expression, and awareness. It integrates traditional wisdoms, contemporary psychology, and various spiritual and philosophical practices, describing them through a lens of personal and universal funkiness. 


Funk is about finding meaning, pleasure, and peace in oneself and life, yet as many funkedelics have realized, living in a state of sublimity can often mean a struggle to reach the good funks and combat bad funks. Being funky is no easy task, but it is possible, and this is where Funk God comes in. 

Here on the Funk God website you will find funky anecdotes to boogie fever in the form of visual art, music, videos, podcasts, writings, musings, and anything else on the funk spectrum. It's a one-stop shop for everything Funk God, and the best way to get involved in some funky business of your own.

How Does Funk God Help?

Funk God works in a multi-disciplinary capacity focusing on embracing one's funky self and bringing awareness and groove into one's life.


To view examples or learn more about any funk practice, click the links below.

 Art + Music

Community Healing


Awareness + Advocacy 


Who is Funk God

Who is Funk God? The short answer is... everybody, everything, all of the time. The long answer's complicated, but according to the philosophy of funk, everything in the universe is symbiotically connected to everything else, united under as the chaos of existence. Funk is a description of that chaos, of the universe flowing energy along various grooves. Funk God is an archetypal representation of our Higher Self, of our potential for enlightened transcendence moving serendipitously with all around us. 

We all have a capacity for funkiness; the trouble is how we journey to strive with and towards it.


Simply put, a Funk God is someone who practices deep awareness of all things funky and is devoted to embracing their best funky selves alongside others. They are the grooviest of individuals, and they are intuited as such by the community. 

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So, What the Funk?

To view the commission process, get custom work, or contact for a quote,

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To understand the philosophy behind Funk God and its aesthetics, check out 

Artist Statement

To help cultivate your highest funky self, browse the Funk God Etsy store

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To learn more about the creation of Funk God and it's founder Laura Becker, read 

Funk God Journey

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