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Teaching Philosophy 

To live a good funky life, the first step is having awareness. The best way to gain awareness? Have someone teach you how! I approach teaching through a depth perspective which allows for holistic health and growth of mind, body, and spirit of each student individually, and the classroom community as a whole. My intention for teaching is for students to develop a curious, thoughtful, and critical mind about life through expressing their unique creative energy. I want students to embrace their individual potential for artmaking and channel their passion through awareness, practice, understanding, and collaboration.


As a teacher, I guide students to discover their unique strengths, inspirations, and curiosities so they may explore and navigate the world with an open and critical mind. I foster inner resiliency to learn and grow as a student, artist, individual, and community member, imparting the depth and scope of life with a flexible and expansive worldview. I model healthy and prosocial behavior and creativity to inspire student's awareness as they navigate their future. My goal is for students to feel secure in themselves and in community to try new things, make mistakes, and expand their understanding, developing an internal locus of control which allows them to learn and achieve their goals in life, far beyond the classroom or particular subject matter.


Viewing the world through a psychological lens, I understand the importance of being not only a facilitator of critical thought, conversation, and skills, but also of acceptance, empathy, and deeper appreciation for the student as a complex person with many needs. I address student needs with compassion, guidance, and leaving room for student reflection and space to succeed on their own. I offer wisdom and demonstrate concepts, but also encourage students to experiment with their own methods by asking questions, and learning from both failures and successes.

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