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The Funk God Mission

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Funk God is a creative entity and philosophy focused on providing

funky content to help people embrace

their unique personalities and transform negative views of one’s quirks into

positive ones.

Funk God promotes self-awareness, acceptance, and expression through

creative exploration across multimedia including visual art, graphic design, photography, music, essays, podcasts, 

and more. All work is created to guide 

the subversion of bad funks into good

funks, and make sure we all remember

to boogie!


Work with Funk God

Everyone needs some funk in their life.

Funk God is here to provide the grooviest creative and community services possible. 

  • Graphic Design

  • Album Covers

  • Speaking

  • Writing

  • Licensing 

  • Q&As

  • Photo Editing

  • Video and Audio Editing 

  • Custom Paintings

  • Workshops 

Together we'll explore your ideas with personalized creative direction and use funky flavor to bring your artistic visions to life.

Let's Boogie. 

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Still Curious?

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Original Jams

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