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It's A Funky Story...

While funk is a way of existence for many people, Funk God is inextricably tied to the life of its founder and namesake Laura Becker. 

Laura began the development of Funk God in 2017 when she used the name for her blog.

The title was an ironic play on egotism which combined with her growing love for funk music and poking fun of her differences. Growing up Laura was a sensitive and artistic yet shy and awkward girl who had always been aware of her eccentricity and the love/hate relationship she had with often being labeled as "unique" when people didn't know how to perceive her. 

As an adolescent and young person Laura struggled deeply with her identity and

self- esteem, leading to depression, anxiety,

ptsd, and other mental health concerns. 

Although she remained a curious and creative soul, she felt like the world had no place for her and her non-conformity. Eventually after much existential crisis, Laura began the practice of radical self-acceptance and realizing her true

gifts, evolving Funk God in the process. 

The results of her struggle and reflection culminated in the Funk God mantra of

shifting pessimistic views into healthy

self-acceptance through awareness and indulgence of everything funky.


Today, Funk God's persona serves as a

vehicle for advocating these principals through various mediums both online and in traditional community-based advocacy work. As Laura continues her journey of self-discovery, she aims to help others do the same by beginning her mission in spreading the gospel of funk through dialogues and creative means. 


Meet Funk God 

Laura resides at The Funk Manor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she is  completing her BA in Studio Art with a Community Arts Certificate in May, 2022. 

In her senior year, her energy is focused within art education, community healing, and spreading the gospel of Funk God. 

Presently, Laura is working in art education and offers mentoring sessions for youth. She is a visual artist, photographer, writer, musician, mental health advocate, cultural critic, and general all-purpose eccentric. She lives with passion for her pet rats, funky jams, skeletons, Hawaiian shirts, and African drum. In her free time she enjoys working on her designs, writing, music, and podcasts.




Homemade Rat Scarf 

Funk God Graduation 2022

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